[custom wedding invitation] trilingual peacock feather

Check out Rosa + Doug’s destination wedding invitation, which was based on the “darlene” engagement invite {also shown below}.

peacock feather wedding invitation tri-fold

We designed a super unique tri-fold, trilingual invite enclosed in a tall, tea-length pointed pochette. I love when unfolded it reveals the peacock feather inside! This customized version is for their Wedding in Spain! {check out the fun details from their local wedding celebration in San Francisco}.  fyi : this design would work great as a wedding program too!!

peacock feather wedding invitation

peacock feather wedding engagement party

14 thoughts on “[custom wedding invitation] trilingual peacock feather

  1. thanks jennie! the price depends on if these are for invites (rsvp & outer envelope included) or just as programs? They’re not hard to diy; purchase pochette folders & pre-scored 8.5×11 invite paper, then adhere middle-back of the invite paper to folder after printed. {I can always assist by providing links on where to buy paper supplies. Plus, I can layout a digital design ready for you to print yourself. email me for more info if ??s : larissa@papercakedesigns.com 😉

    1. below are price breakdowns for both the single-flat card & tri-fold invites shown {these prices include design, printing, all paper supplies & assembly}.
      You can customize the size & paper colors:
      > tri-fold peacock feather invitation with RSVP card postcard = $6.50 each {if you need an RSVP card w/envelope instead of postcard = $6.75 each}
      > single-flat card peacock feather invitation with RSVP card postcard = $5.25 each {if you need an RSVP card w/envelope instead of postcard = $5.50 each}

    1. Thanks! 😉 I didn’t use anything to keep it closed, but you could always add a small glue dot to the top flap. {fyi: I usually lay the closed pochette invites under books once completed, to flatten them out a bit.}

  2. Love this!!! Where did you find the bronze “tea-length pointed pochette”…I can’t find them anywhere, but they’re gorgeous!!! I have to have them!

    1. Hi! You can find lots of solid colors or patterns to choose from below for the pointed Envelopper (4 1/4 x 9 5/8):

      Or another option to compare pricing & shape is at paper presentation, Pochettes Style A (3 13/16 x 8 7/8):

      (you can also find lots of other paper, envelopes & embellishments here too 😉 Good luck!!

  3. 人されて 、 概要 を されていません 誰かに害を与える が シャネル を達成するため シャネルのレプリカですか?あなたができませんでした が
    間違った。偽造を入れて 多くの 本物のトレーダー バスト 。以外にも、ある 恐ろしい レポート孤児について子供たちが
    強制 労働に による 偽造。場所 、終了 すべて
    これは、あなた 学ぶ必要があります 方法
    を区別するため 本物のシャネルのハンドバッグの間と 作成。

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